The Jewelry Creation under Her Majesty Rambhai Barni’s Mat Patterns Inspiration with Computer-Aided Design Technology for Cold Enameling Technique

  • ภัทรบดี พิมพ์กิ Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University
Keywords: Jewelry; Computer-Aided Design; Cold Enameling Technique; Her Majesty Rambhai Barni; Mat Patterns


Her Majesty, Rambhai Barni's Mat, is valuable handicraft of Chanthaburi province. The introduction of computer technology for designing applied to jewelry production with the cold enamel technique, inspired by H.M. Rambhai Barni's Mat patterns, is considered a part of supporting jewelry creation in the new style that led to the market opportunities creation. This research aimed 1) to study H.M. Rambhai Barni's Mat pattern creation on jewelry through the computer by applying the cold enamel technique, 2) to design and produce the jewelry prototypes from H.M. Rambhai Barni's Mat pattern using the cold enamel technique, and 3) to assess the consumer's satisfaction with the jewelry with H.M. Rambhai Barni's Mat pattern by using the cold enamel technique. This multidisciplinary research studies H.M. Rambhai Barni's Mat pattern creation data on jewelry through the computer. This process was performed using the expert interview form with jewelry trend information in 2023 and a group discussion with three jewelry entrepreneurs to design and produce jewelry prototypes. Then, consumer satisfaction with jewelry prototypes was assessed via purposive sampling. The results revealed that 1) I-GEMS Chanthaburi designed a bangle for women aged 45-60 years old, 2) Lapindary Jewelry designed a scarf ring for women aged 28-35 years old, and 3) Sor Sara Gems designed Hair Clips for women aged 26-40 years old. The consumer satisfaction assessment results found that all jewelry shops had a satisfaction score of excellent level.