A Study of Medical Tourism Competencies of Hospital Personnel

  • รัตชพงษ์ เขียวพันธุ์, ดร. Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
  • ณัฐฐิณีภรณ์ ปิงแก้ว, ดร. Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
  • อมราวดี คำบุญ, ดร.
Keywords: Medical Tourism, Competencies, Hospital Personnel


The expansion of the healthcare industry sector and the continuous influx of international visitors through the avenue of medical tourism. This study aims to examine private hospital personnel's performance in delivering medical tourism services. Three distinct conceptual frameworks exist, encompassing the domains of tourism, medicine, and supporting activities. The research encompassed three phases: an examination of cognitive variables through a comprehensive review of relevant literature and structured interviews, as well as an analysis of various elements to effectively summarize the service performance of personnel. The study's findings indicated the presence of five performance components in the field of medical tourism, each possessing an Eigenvalue equal to or greater than 1. These components encompassed two main categories: "coordination with stakeholders," containing three latent variables, and "planning," comprising three latent variables. The study identified three latent variables, namely "Logistics," which consisted of three latent variables; "Medical Services," which consisted of six latent variables, and "Related and Supportive Activities Services," which consisted of a total of 25 latent variables for the purpose of development. The service work performed by hospital personnel.