A Study of Retail Marketing Mix Affecting The Buying Decision of Thai Traditional Medicine: A Case Study of Naraosoth (Mor Bua) Pharmacy in Rayong

  • วีรวิชญ์ กำกัดวงษ์
  • ลัดดาวัลย์ เลขมาศ
Keywords: Retail Mix, Consumer Behavior, Buying Decision, Thai Traditional Medicine, Naraosoth (Mor Bua)


                   This quantitative research aimed to study consumer buying behavior of Thai traditional medicine from Naraosoth (Mor Bua) Pharmacy in Rayong Province and to identify the effect of retail mix of consumer buying decision toward Thai traditional medicine. Data were collected from consumers at Naraosoth (Mor Bua) Pharmacy using questionnaire-based surveys. The purposive sampling was used to collect data from 200 samples. The statistics used in the study were descriptive statistics such as mean, percentage, standard deviation, t-test, One-Way ANOVA, Correlation Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis.

                  The majority of respondents were female, age between 40-49 years old; the highest education level was lower than bachelor’s degree. Most of them, employed in state-owned organizations and government sector with the salary range of 15,000-25,000 baht/month, lived in Amphoe Muang Rayong.

                  The results showed that the retail mix factors that significantly affected consumer buying decision toward Thai traditional medicine were customer service, location, and merchandising respectively. However, the other retail mix factors consisting of pricing, communication mix and store design and display had no effect.