Brand Loyalty of Thanachart Bank customers in Ubonratchathani Province

  • สุรศักดิ์ อาปตาคม
  • รัตพงษ์ สอนสุภาพ
Keywords: Loyalty, Brand, Product, Thanachart Bank, Ubonratchathani Province


                  This research  aims to study Brand Loyalty of Thanachart Bank customers in Ubonratchathani Province The major objective is to study the key factors of brand loyalty of Thanachart’s customers in Ubonratchathani and also to provide a comparison of brand loyalty toward Thanachart Bank products in Ubonratchathani.

                  The research methodology was categorized based on customer information and the questionnaire is one of technique that was used for tools for customer data collection. 400 persons were sample size and analyzed by application which can calculate statistics. The statistics used is percentage, mean, standard deviation and hypotheses test using ANOVA and the independent sample t-test and f-test methods as well as the level of statistical significance being 0.5.

       The study was concluded:

  1. The majority of customers was female age between 40 – 49 years old and graduated from Bachelor’s degree. They were self-employed/ business owners and had relationship with bank between 5 to 10 years. They visited Thanachart Bank for finance and banking services once a week. These respondents also decided at an increasing rate to invest in the financial products of Thanachart Bank and to not purchase other products offered by affiliated companies.  
  2. Moreover, these respondents advised or suggested others to use the services of Thanachart Bank though most of them were not customers of the bank when the bank was known as Nakornluang Bank. The results of the hypothesis test came out positive due to the overall high level of customer loyalty for Thanachart Bank.  

                    Therefore, with regard to personnel the majority of customers gave great importance to the bank’s personnel indicating that the staffs are able to communicate well and help customers understand easily. As for stability, most of the respondents gave importance to Thanachart Bank’s ability to create customer confidence in savings and deposits. In terms of service and products, what the majority of customers value most is the wide variety of financial products.