The study of different factors that associate with service market targetting to women nail industry in Jatujak District Bangkok

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Keywords: Factors of Market Diversity, Consumer Behavior, Service, Nail Shop, Nail Salon


Independent Research Study The study of different factors that associate with service market targetting to women nail industry in Jatujak District Bangkok aims to study (1) consumer behavior in using nail shop service (2) factors that associate with the market and its structure (3) the differences of consumer behavior that correlates to the factors of how nail shop differs among each other in Jatujak District Bangkok. The research is conducted through a survey tool to analyze the target group of women who uses nail service from shops in Jatujak District Bangkok with a total of 400 sample size. The survey is conducted randomly through Convenience Sampling and analyzed using statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation , One-way ANOVA and test pairwise by LSD . The results showed that: (1). The majority of survey respondents were female aged from 26  - 32 years old, single, and hold a bachelor degree. They are private employees with an average monthly income ranging from 10,001-20,000 Thai Baht. Their behavior in going to a nail shop shows that the product and service of the shop plays a major role in choosing the shop, as well as the diversity in the service and products. In addition, the most popular product and service used is nail extension manicure (Acrylic/Plastic). The time mostly using the service is at noon (12.01 – 14.00). The frequency using the service ranges between 2-3 times per month with an average paid per visit ranging from 701 – 1,000 Thai bahti for a 1-2 hour session. The most time in the week visit is on Saturdays and Sundays. (2). The level of importance in the factors that diversify the market consist of the product and service in terms of price, distribution, promotion, and reputation or image of the shop. These factors play an important role in the overall factors that diversify the market. (3). The analysis of the factors that diversify the market in terms of consumer behavior in using the nail shop service shows that the sample have a high frequency in going to the shop that differs from one another. This is due to the products, price, and distribution channel, thus diversifying their frequency in using the service between 2-3 times per month and consumers who only go once per month. This correlation factor has a significance level of 0.05.  The sample also showed a difference in amount paid per visit that differs due to the  price, distribution, and promotional factors due to the staff and working process of the shop, showing the difference between 401-700 Baht and 700-1,000 Baht. This information contains a significance level of 0.05 due to the factors taht associate with the market diversity.