The Influence of Marketing Mix Factors on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Insurance Purchase Decision Process in Bangkok

  • พิทยุตม์ โตขำ Ramkhamhaeng University


This paper provides the level of opinion on marketing mix and purchase decision process on Coronavirus (COVID-19) insurance factors. Include to study the influence of marketing mix factors on COVID-19 insurance purchase decision process in Bangkok. Due to the unknown population. The sample size was determined using the Cochran (1977) formula with the confidence interval of +/- 5% tolerance required to survey 384 people. Quota samples are taken from each group to meet a quota. A questionnaire is the instrument for collecting data. The statistical mean is average with standard deviation and multiple regression statistics were used for data analysis. 

The research findings are as follows, several studies have shown that clients strongly support opinion in the context of marketing mix factors while price perceived is the most express strongest opinion supporting their idea and strongest support the opinion on alternative of insurance purchase decision factor in the context of COVID-19 insurance purchase decision factor. In the multiple regression analysis, the results revealed that product, price, place, promotion mix and physical evidence predicted COVID-19 insurance purchase decision in Bangkok with the multiple correlation coefficient (R) of 0.810 describes the relationship 65.6% Durbin-Watson is 1.844 indicating that the independent variable has no autocorrelation. The findings will provide information for insurance companies who should focus on product in the context of marketing mix factors put as the first priority.