Changing the Political Culture of Civil Society in Mueang Trang District, Trang Province

  • ทิพย์ธิดา ใจสมุทร Nida
Keywords: Changing, Political culture, Civil society, Mueang Trang District


The study of the change in the political culture of civil society in Mueang Trang District was aimed to analyze political development in Mueang Trang District and to analyze the opinions of civil society towards the change of political culture. This research also was qualitative research by documentary research, and in-depth interviews with the key informants were 51 people.

                The results found that the political development at the local levels and national politics have been developed, which in the past Trang Province was the base of the Democrat Party before the National Council for Peace and Order management. However, when the National Council for Peace and Order era canceled the elections of all local organizations and members of the House of Representatives, which the people wanted for the Gen. Prayut Chan-Ocha government held elections as soon as possible. In the current era, people do not have much political expression because it is difficult to action, the government agencies are monitoring and may be prosecuted by the government as well as the popularity of the Democratic Party and Mr. Chuan Leekpai also have been reducing.

                The change in political culture found that in the pre-National Council for Peace and Order era, there were some changes in political culture, but not too much. People still prefer the Democratic Party that was the symbolic political party of the people in the South. The era of the National Council for Peace and Order found that changes occurred because people did not participate in all elections. On the other hand, in the present era that people are more active in electing members of the House of Representatives and following the news of the political increase.