The factors influencing the success of the Smart Jobs Smart Workers Project implementation in the Smart Job Center

  • ศวิตา ประไพรัตน์ National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
Keywords: Project Implementation, Smart Jobs Smart Workers, Smart Job Center


        The objectives of this research were 1) to study and analyze on factors influencing the success of the project implementation and 2) to study the problems and obstacles of the project implementation. By using quantitative approach, the sample group were 215 staff members and the analytical unit was 87 Smart Job Centers. Multiple Regression Analysis was used for data analysis. The results found that the goals and the objectives factors had a positive effect and the competency factor of the centers had a negative effect. Moreover, there were problems in the performance factors and the problems beyond the factors studied: the social and economic conditions of each province. Leading to policy recommendations by proposing a strategy comprising two projects, practical recommendations by emphasizing in the goals and objectives factors through training, meetings, monitoring and evaluation, etc.