The Application of Lean Canvas for Operations and Marketing Management

  • Jetchan Atthaisong Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Chanthaburi Campus
Keywords: Management, Operations,  Etlingera pavieana , Chanthaburi, Canva


The operation research in the topic The Etlingera pavieana (Pierre ex Gagnep.) R.M. Sm. operation management and marketing for Chanthaburi farmer aims to study the management process of the Etlingera. paviana by applying lean canvas from Canva Program. After that analyzing the post-harvest management process by PERT, it was found that the critical path was activity ABDEFGH with a total completion time of 253 minutes. Whereas,  the critical activity that takes longest time is clean process. The operation management of Etlingera pavieana by applying lean canvas of Etlingera pavieana operations, consisting of 9 parts for agricultural trade in Chanthaburi Province by setting up a writing style of the Etlingera. pavieana's business plan that is concise, and an overview of the business, especially defining customer pain point, able to manage costs, optimizing both quantity and quality, increasing revenue, reducing takt time, reduce fluctuations in very high volumes, have more accessible databases, and new marketing opportunities. Canva Program is easy to use, summary concept of lean canvas and appropriate for start-up entrepreneurs.