The invention of Silicone-based Wearable Breast Model for Training Skills in Mammography Positioning

  • Chiraporn Pinpo
  • Supissara Buncham
  • Sompratthana Patukkhinang
  • Ausanai Prapan
Keywords: Breast phantom, Mammography, Mammographic Positioning, Silicon rubber


Introduction: Mammography plays a vital role in detecting breast lesions. However, mammographic positioning requires the expertise and great skill of the medical staff. Moreover, the skill training of medical staff on live patients is still inconvenient. Therefore, simulation-based training using phantom is necessary. Objectives: To invent a vest-style breast phantom to be used for practicing mammographic positioning. Methods: Firstly, the samples were constructed into 2 samples in various concentrations of silicone rubber and silicone oil, and then was selected one sample which had the nearest young’s modulus of breast tissue to fabricate a model. The breast model was constructed in a fiberglass mold and then cut out in vest style. The skin of the breast model was constructed by using only silicone rubber. After that, 25 women who are 2nd and 3rd -year students in radiological technology were requested to evaluate a pre-post training skill as well as their satisfaction level. Results: The vest-style silicone-based breast models were successfully constructed which represent a soft and elastic texture, stable at room temperature, and nearly like young’s modulus of breast tissue. The evaluation of our breast model was a good training model resulting in significantly increased practicing skills after using our breast model (p <0.05). Moreover, overall breast model appearance and pilot testing showed a very good level of satisfaction. Conclusions: Our silicone-based wearable breast model can be used as a training tool for practicing mammographic positioning.