A Study of Focal Spot Size Measurement of Diagnostic X-ray Tube with Slit Camera Using CR and DR Imaging Plates

  • Chanadda Sukumoljan
  • Rarisa Sonbunkert
  • Manus Mongkolsuk
Keywords: slit camera, focal spot, diagnostic x-ray machine, physical performance test


The aim of the research proposal was to measure the apparent focal spot size of a diagnostic x-ray tube with a slit camera using CR and DR imaging plates. The slit camera is PTW-Freiburg model L659117 will be used. X-ray images of the slit camera obtained from x-ray unit 1 and unit 2 will be analyzed by imageJ software.The apparent focal spot will be calculated using the FWHM value of the slit image known as MFS. MFS will be compared with the nominal focal spot (NFS) size.The satisfaction is specified by the NEMA standard. The comparison between the result from different imaging plates, CR and DR, will be performed as well.