Study the Properties of BaSO4 in Silicone Rubber for the Developing of Diagnostic Radiation Shielding in X-ray Energy 60-80 keV

  • Chaniporn Kamma
  • Pichanika Kloysang
  • Pemiga sengsan
  • Nutthapong Moonkum
Keywords: Barium sulfate, X-ray, Radiation shielding, Silicone rubber


In medicine, x-rays are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases but if used carelessly, X-rays can be harmful. Currently, the x-ray shielding material are often made from lead, which has good x-ray shielding properties. However, lead is highly toxic, heavy and is not environmentally friendly. The aim of this research was to study the properties of barium sulfate (BaSO4) as an element in silicone rubber for the development of diagnostic radiation shielding devices in X-ray energy levels of 60-80 keV by mixed as 5 ratio and was tested for its ability of radiation absorption. From the experiment, it is expected that the x-ray shielding material will have good x-ray shielding properties including this research will be obtained lead-free radiation shielding materials, less toxic and friendly with environment.