Evaluation of Cell Viability on Endothelial Cells to Iodinated Contrast Media

  • Tawisa Sekhunthod
  • Pantita Saengsung
  • Patcharaporn Ruekapibanwong
  • Monsicha Nualtang
  • ์ีNutthapong Moonkum
Keywords: Cell viability, Iodine contrast media, Endothelial cell line, Cell cycle, Oxidative stress


In medicine, iodine contrast media agents are used to help in diagnostic such as intravenous injection and oral cavity for show the differentiation of tissues and lesions. However, the iodine contrast media can cause an allergic reaction if used carelessly. The objective of this research was to study the effects of iodine contrast media on cell cycle and oxidative stress in the endothelial cell line. This research are experimental in four commercial iodine contrast media at concentration of 2.5,5 and 10 mgl/mL at 24 hours compared to the control group. From this research, it will be known the cellular risk and early indicators after treated with iodine contrast media. Moreover, the effect of iodine contrast media on the cell cycle and oxidative stress in the endothelial cell line can be biomarkers of cellular or biological changes. It can be used to predict at the cellular level as well as disseminate it to healthcare professionals involved in radiology.