Problems in Classroom Management Encountered by Three English Teachers in a Rural Area in Ungaran, Semarang Regency, Indonesia

  • Putri Rosita Irawati UKSW Indonesia
  • Listyani Listyani UKSW Indonesia
Keywords: classroom management, behavioral problems, strategies, rural area


This study was intended to understand the behavioral problems of students that teachers faced and how they dealt with those problems all of which were related to classroom management. The participants of the study were three English teachers who were teaching English in SMP N 5 Ungaran, Semarang Regency, Indonesia. The data were collected through observation and semi-structured interviews to get deeper information. The results of the data showed that the students' misbehavior was frequently found in teaching. Examples of the misbehavior are disrespectfulness to the teachers, sleeping in the classroom during lessons, daydreaming and using many rude words. The strategies that teachers mostly applied were giving consequences and establishing classroom rules, remembering students’ names, giving clear instructions, giving games, singing a song, and changing an unfamiliar word with a familiar word.