Applying Student Response System to Improve Accounting Learning Achievement of University Students in Thailand

  • Dui Chen Dhurakij Pundit University
  • Meng-tien Chiang Dhurakij Pundit University
Keywords: Student response system, accounting education, accounting competency, technical competency, Thai 4.0


Changes in university education have been proposed frequently to meet the demands of the new generation of students. According to the Thai 4.0 strategy, university education calls for technology-based education. Thus, this research investigates whether the Student Response System (SRS) effectively enhances student learning achievement in an Introductory Accounting class. Teaching accounting based on the SRS pedagogy and traditional pedagogy was examined in two groups for comparison. A total of 179 students from an international college in Thailand comprised the samples in this research. Of the 179 students, 81 students were assigned to the experimental group (EG), and 95 students were assigned to the control group. The EG intervention was conducted within a course comprising 15 lessons, with 2 lessons delivered every week and with each lesson lasting 90 minutes. Both groups participated in the pre-tests and post-tests, which assessed the students’ fundamental knowledge and practical techniques. A paired sample t-test was then performed to examine the learning outcomes. A one-way analysis of covariance was performed to analyse the statistical differences of the data. Results indicated that the SRS pedagogy could effectively enhance students’ accounting learning achievement, especially their practical techniques, in the Introductory Accounting class.