The Acquisition of Attitudes and Professional Skills for Global Citizenship by Bilingual Students through Second Language Learning at a Bilingual Education Provider in Thailand

  • Unyime Francis Bassey Rangsit University
  • Noparat Tananuraksakul Rangsit University
Keywords: Attitude for Global Citizenship, Professional Skills for Global Citizenship, Bilingual Students, Second Language Learning, Bilingual Education Provider


This research is based on arguments that second language learning helps build up the degree of the acquisition of positive attitudes and professional skills for global citizenship in bilingual students studying in a bilingual education provider with a minimum of six years. Purposive sampling and quantitative research methods were used in order to test two hypotheses, which were cross checked by qualitative interview data. Both quantitative and qualitative data revealed positive findings, in that the 158 participants acquired attitudes and professional skills for global citizenship at a very high level and that the samples were representative of the population in the present study. This study contributes to the growing body of knowledge on the advantages of second language learning in a formal bilingual setting, that are attitudes and professional skills for global citizenship acquired by bilingual students.