The Student Teacher’s Reflection on the Model Teacher in Classroom Observation

  • Praphalphan Minpraphal Kasem Bundit University
Keywords: Student teacher, Teacher reflection, Model teacher, Classroom observation


The Teacher Council of Thailand states in its Professional Code of Ethic 2013 the prime importance of teaching ability and professional ethics. The use of the role model teacher is therefore emphasized for student teachers to learn how to teach and behave properly in a real classroom environment. Classroom observation also plays a vital role in assisting them to approximate the selected role model in their professional development (Bailey 2001, 2010). In such a context, the researcher conducted an exploratory study to investigate the subject’s reflection on the model teacher in classroom observation. One representative of three
undergraduate student teachers and a model teacher were selected. The subject was assigned to observe a 3-hour classroom of the model teacher once a week for ten weeks and write a journal based on her reflection after each classroom observation. The researcher analyzed the journals in two areas, teaching strategies and classroom management. The results indicate that the subject observed and recorded mainly what happened in the classroom as she regularly noted the chronological events and teaching techniques. Additionally, the analysis of reflective journals shows that the length of observation period could influence the reflection level. The subject reached the higher reflection level in the later weeks of the observation. The obtained results are expected to shed light on the application of classroom observation in teacher training and professional development in Thailand.