Using Technology to More Effectively Teach English Online

  • Luke Grimes
  • Ianic Mary Camirand
Keywords: CALL, Online ESL, Online Learning, Online Teaching, Teaching Methods, Effective Teaching, Technology in ESL, ESL Lesson Plans & Learning Strategies


ESL teachers and their students are living with more technology in their daily lives than ever before. Technology has become an important and popular medium for transmitting and receiving material that is used for learning English. Teachers must also keep up with which technologies the students are using, and try to bring them into the classroom. The researchers carried out a study on the effective use of technologies for online ESL learning and teaching. This research is important because online learning of ESL is surging and teachers need to be able to use these technologies effectively inside and outside of the class, and many teachers need valuable teaching ideas in this growing and evolving field. This research is trying to better understand which technologies  teachers and students can use for effective online ESL classes. This study presents ESL learners and teachers with different technologies that they can rate for effectiveness. The respondents (N=52) then identified which technologies they deem effective. An analysis of the data, a conclusion and some final recommendations are made that can be of great benefit to online ESL teachers, as well as their learners.