Exploring English as a Second Language Learning Experience of Chinese Postgraduate Students

  • Mo Liu Assumption university
Keywords: English language learning motivation, L2 learning experience, Male and female postgraduate students, Chinese university


This article has two objectives: 1) To explore the levels of a second language learning experience (L2 learning experience) within the framework of a second language learning experience (L2MSS) among male and female postgraduate students in a Chinese university. 2) To explore whether there will be any differences in L2 learning experience among male and female Chinese postgraduate students. This study took the form of an explanatory mixed-methods research design. Using questionnaires, the purposive sampling technique was selected for data collection from the 354 postgraduate students (174 male and 180 female students). In addition, the convenience sampling technique was employed for semi-structured interviews of 10 postgraduate students (5 male and 5 female students) to explore gender differences in the L2 learning experience. The quantitative findings demonstrated that the L2 learning experience level among male postgraduate students was moderate, while the levels of L2 learning experience among female postgraduate students were high. The qualitative findings also indicated significant differences between the female and male postgraduate students in the L2 learning experience. The findings provided empirical data that could give graduate students appropriate support to inspire their motivation toward English language learning in terms of male and female postgraduate students. Furthermore, the findings help attract more educators and researchers to pay attention to second language acquisition in the Chinese educational context.