Kindergarten Teachers’ Resilience Factors

  • Guohui Zhang
  • Anchalee Chayanuvat
Keywords: Teachers’ resilience, Narrative research


Teachers’ Resilience is a significant factor that influences a teacher’s decision whether to remain on the job. This study aimed to explore factors that affect kindergarten teachers’ resilience, influencing a teacher to keep the job or quit the job. The narrative research method was used to collect the data from three volunteering kindergarten teachers in Hubei province. One was a novice teacher, while another was an experienced teacher and the other was an expert teacher. Data collection was done with an in-depth interview about their life stories as teachers.  Each interview was conducted through a 60-90-minute VooV meeting. Then, the interviewed data were analyzed by the content analysis. The results of this study found that 1) parents and teachers affect a person's career choice; 2)  personality affects a person's career choice; 3) salary and social status affect a person's job choice and whether or not to quit; 4) the work environment affects the turnover rate of kindergarten teachers; 5) professional value affects the turnover rate of kindergarten teachers.