Evaluation of Career Guidance Course in Baoshan University Yunnan Province, China

  • Ge Xu
Keywords: Career guidance course, CIPP Model Evaluation


This research taken the evaluation of the career guidance course of Baoshan University as the research object, uses the CIPP model as the evaluation framework, and uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct research. The purpose is to evaluate the career guidance course by using CIPP model. The tool for collecting quantitative data is questionnaire, and the tool for collecting qualitative
data is interview form to obtain in-depth data. The sample of this study is 400 students from four grades; There are 30 teachers from 10 secondary colleges of Baoshan University. The statistics used to analyze the collected data were percentage, mean and standard deviation. The evaluation of vocational guidance courses in Baoshan University was as follows: the total score of background evaluation was 3.27, the
average score of input evaluation was 3.21, the average score of process evaluation was 3.27, and the average score of result evaluation was 3.24. The average score is about 3 points, and the score difference between the four dimensions is not obvious. The research results show that the quality of career guidance courses in Baoshan University is at a medium level.