Factors Affecting Intention to Purchase Women's Fashion Clothes from Shops on Instagram of Consumers in Bangkok

  • สรัลชนา ลิ้มพรชัยเจริญ
Keywords: Brand Trust, Perceived Price, Product Quality, Purchase Intention


The objective of this study was to analyze the influences of brand trust, perceived price, and product quality on the intention to buy women's fashion clothes from shops on Instagram of consumer in Bangkok. The samples used for the study were consumers who bought women's fashion clothes from shops on Instagram in Bangkok. The 400 respondents were selected based on purposive sampling. The research tool was questionnaire with a total reliability coefficient of 0.879 and the validity of the content revised by the experts. The descriptive statistics, such as, percentage, arithmetic mean and standard deviation was used to analyze the data and inferential statistics used for hypothesis testing was multiple regression.

The results indicated that brand trust, perceived price and product quality had a statistically significant impact on consumers’ purchase intention of women's fashion clothes from shops on Instagram in Bangkok at a statistically significant level of 0.05.

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