Service Marketing Mix for Increase Loan from Employees of Government Savings Bank’s Business Partners

  • ชลพินทุ์ สิงห์บูรณา
Keywords: Loan Service, Service Marketing Promotion


The objectives of this study are searching for reasons and problems that affect the decreasing amount of applications for personal loans and research strategic planning models for service marketing. The research is studied by questionnaire 200 cases and deep interview 20 cases to be collected tools. The representative sample is employees of Government Savings Bank’s (GSB) business partners. Analyzations are processed by statistics; Frequency distribution Percentage Average Standard deviation Chi – Square One – Way ANOVA and t-test Independent and by business environment. The results show due to the slowing down of global and local economy, competitions at a high level both of financial institutions and industrial sectors and lagging of the GSB’s loan service process than the other banks so amounts of personal loans become lower. In addition, there are external factors from the government policies, Bank of Thailand relieved credential rule for financial institutions and developed technology for financial services. From interviews, to support and promote service marketing advertising, public relations and serve corporate customers continuously are the ways to motivate customers to get service. As per the study, the suggested solution is arrange a team to publicize and set up promotions for specific corporate customers during the important period  such as before the New Year’s holiday the Songkran festival to recognize, stimulate and meet the demand.

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