Promotion Mobile Phone Transactions of ABC- Mobile Banking Transactions for ABC Bank Customers Nakhon Ratchasima

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  • สวรส ศรีสุดโต
Keywords: Application, Mobile Banking, Promotion


The objectives of this problem-based solving are to 1) Study were to find out the reasons why ABC Bank clients do not use ABC – Mobile Banking (Alias)  2) Study the needs of application services.  3) Plan marketing strategies to increase a number of ABC – Mobile Banking users by distributing the questionnaires with a sample of 200 clients from 10 branches of ABC Bank in Nakhon Ratchasima, using the calculation formula of Taro Yamane, 1970, with 10 percent of standard deviation of, and randomly selecting 100 samples from 25,454 users, 100 samples from 3,910 of inactive accounts,and 10 of non-ABC – Mobile Banking users from the sample to interview using Descriptive Statistics to analyze demographic data and users’ behavior by using Frequency and Percentage, and analyzing marketing mix data by using of Mean and Standard Deviation. Data analysis was conducted by Content Analysis and Analytic Induction. The study founded that the reasons of the clients who applied but did not continuously use the ABC – Mobile Banking application were not to know how to use it, less variety of services, the application is unstable and slow, the difficulty of registration, and the format was not modern. The researcher selected the appropriate solutions to solve the problems as follows: 1) Publicizing the application to clients, 2) Persuading and giving suggestions from the employees to clients, 3) developing the process and improve the system to be more stable and secured.

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