Marketing Mix and Consumer Behavior of Mywhey Protein Products in Bangkok

  • ชนิภา ปัตพี
  • ยุทธนาท บุณยะชัย
Keywords: Marketing Mix, Consumer Behavior, Mywhey Protein Products


The objective of this research was to study marketing mix and consumer behavior of Mywhey Protein products in Bangkok. The sample consisted of 385 consumers of Mywhey Protein products. The statistics used were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and calculating Pearson's correlation coefficient.

The research found that the marketing mix of consumers of Mywhey Protein consist of 4 aspects: product, price, place, promotion and all aspects were in a high level. The highest rank of the product of Mywhey Protein was a quality of raw material and consumer behavior of Mywhey product all aspects were in a high level.The highest rank of the Mywhey Protein product purchased was to control weight, burn fat and carbohydrates. Marketing mix and consumer behavior in Bangkok had a positive correlation with statistical significance at .01 level.

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