The way to increase credit card numbers of the Government Saving Bank in Buengkan branch to achieve KPIs

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Keywords: Credit Card, Marketing Mixed (7Ps)


This study is a study of marketing mix (7Ps) with the objective of studying ways to increase the amount of the Government Savings Bank credit card, Bueng Kan branch. To achieve KPIs goals is an integrated research. In which the sample used in the study is 200 people came to use the Government Savings Bank in Bueng Kan Branch and in-depth interviews with the Government Savings Bank executives in Bueng Kan Branch, consisting of 3 people. The tools used in the study were questionnaires and interview forms. The statistics used in the study were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation, namely frequency, percentage, average and standard deviation.

The study found that the bank has guidelines for increasing credit card balances to achieve KPIs by improving the after-sales service process. Booth to promote products outside. To increase product awareness and increase sales channels Previously, customers had to contact the Government Savings Bank, Bueng Kan Branch. Arranging promotional activities under the project "Friends invite friends" is to maintain the old customer base and expand new customer base. Which is confident that after the implementation of the above guidelines, will be able to increase the number of new credit cards of the Government Savings Bank, Bueng Kan branch To achieve the KPIs goals specified by the bank for sure.

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