The Study to Increase the Efficiency of Coal Quantity Record and Acceptance Process of Coal Power Plant Company Limited

  • ชนัญญา สุดแดน
Keywords: Coal Record and Acceptance, Coal Power Plant, RFID Technology, Coal Data Report


Coal Power Plant Company Limited is located at Xayaburi Province; Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) operates electricity generation for sale to Thailand and Lao PDR. The company hired a contractor to work on both soil and coal excavation. The purpose of this study was to find a solution to the problem of the coal receiving process, the problem was that the coal data sheets tend to be repeatedly printed and the amount of coal data in the system was not accurate. It took a long time to check the information. In the study process, the data that will be used in the analysis can be from Statistical errors from work, questionnaire of company employees and contractors and an interview with the person concerned about the cause of the problem to propose a solution to the problem.

The results of the study showed that the cause of the problem was caused by mistakes in the work of the employees. There were 3 ways to solve the problem by using the RFID system to record, receive coal data, reduce the number of scales to be used together in one point and increase the number of personnel to access the daily data. The most effective way was to use RFID to help in the process of receiving coal more accurately and faster. Moreover, the program could be used with a scale system which was worth the investment and reduce excess errors from the person and the system as well.

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