Graduate Guitar Recital by Wittawat Ruenarom

  • วิทวัส รื่นอารมย์
Keywords: Guitar, Classical Guitar


The classical guitar solo performance has purposes to show the ability of the performer, Technical play, analysis, problems and solve the technique of music playing in the parts found by the performers. In order to edit and cause the development of the performer, including those interested in studying the classical guitar solo by studying the technique of playing, Analysis And problem solving techniques in the music that the performance found by studying from books and interview with professors in classical guitar.

The researcher has selected six solo classical guitar songs to present problems and solutions namely 1. Carnival of Venice by Francisco Tarrega, 2. Capriccio Diabolico Op.85 by Mario Castelnuovo – Tedesco, 3. Saudade No. 3 by Roland Dyens, 4. Introduction and Fandango by Luigi Boccherini, 5. Sonata Op. 61 by Joaquín Turina, 6. Grand Overture Op. 61 by Mauro Giuliani. The researcher studied all the songs and discovered the main problems namely right hand technique problems, left hand technique problems and the specific techniques of music.

The researcher presented all the problems and interview of professors in classical guitar. After that, the researchers applied the methods of problem solving by professors in classical guitar. And come back to present the solution. Professors listen and evaluate quality again. The result is satisfactory for problem solving by professors.