The Efficacy of Malus Domestica Stem Cell Extract Cream for the Reduction of Peri Orbital Wrinkles

  • Htet Htet Khin, M.D.
Keywords: Malus Domestica, stem cell, wrinkle, aging, free radicals


Eye wrinkle, one of the most common signs of aging, despite its unharmed feature, may make one feel self-conscious because having wrinkle-free eyes is accepted to be attractive. Wrinkles are caused by intrinsic aging, environmental stress, repetitive facial expressions, and genetic, and also believed to be influenced by free radicals. Among various treatments available, the researcher would like to emphasize on the Malus Domestica apple stem cell extract, whose topical application act as an antiaging and antiwrinkle agent by rejuvenation the skin cells at the cellular level although the exact mechanism is unknown. This research was a split face study, conducted in Mae Fah Luang University Clinic, Bangkok, with 16 volunteers, aged between 35 to 50 years, applied Malus Domestica apple stem cell extract cream and standard cream to the designated sides of the face twice daily for 8 weeks. The results were measured by Cutometer® MPA 580, Corneometer, VISIA complexion system for skin elasticity, skin hydration status and wrinkle score respectively. After 8 weeks of the study, the data showed significant result in skin hydration as well as skin elasticity, which gradually increased from 4th week to 8th week at p=0.05. The results demonstrated that Malus Domestica apple stem cell extract cream positively promotes the skin moisture and elasticity to a satisfying extent and thus a promising anti- wrinkle topical intervention, without any side effects.