Factors Affecting Respiratory Disoeders Symptoms among Workers in Hospital’ Central Sterile Supply Department Exposed to Ethylene Oxide Gas in Rayong Province

  • จิระพงศ์ จันทา
  • ทนงศักดิ์ ยิ่งรัตนสุข
  • อนามัย เทศกะทึก
Keywords: Respiratory Symptoms, Ethylene Oxide, Hospital Workers


This study aims to determine factors affecting respiratory symptoms from ethylene oxide gas exposure among 70 hospital workers in the central supply units in Rayong Province. Data were collected from questionnaires. To symptoms of respiratory symptoms including cough, phlegm, cough and phlegm, dyspnea and chest pain. The study results found that most of the workers were female (90.00%), with the average age (SD) of 40.71 (9.18) years old, and 40% aged between 30 - 39 years old.  The majority (57.14%) worked for 0 - 5 years. 95.71% of the workers entered the gas room 2 times/day. 98.67% used personal protective equipment, and 68.57% used chemical respirator. All rooms had local exhaust ventilation system, and 88.57% had the ventilation fans. 88.57% had both local exhaust ventilation and fans. The absence of the ventilation system contributed to a higher risk of cough with the OR (95% CI) of 5.60 (1.06, 29.47). It should provide a ventilation fan in the room sterilization using ethylene oxide gas. To reduce the risk of coughing rather than having a ventilation system.