Improvement of Spare Part Management System of a Telecom Service Provider

  • ประณต พืชจันทร์
  • จุฑา พิชิตลำเค็ญ
Keywords: Spare Part Management, ABC Analysis, Re-Order Point


This research aimed to improve spare parts management system of a telecom service provider to reduce cost and stockouts. The research study use the ABC analysis to classify spare parts, and the probabilistic inventory model was employed to determine reorder points and quantities and safety stock levels.  The comparison of spare parts in Groups A and B from January 2017 to October 2019 shows that the cost of spare part system can be reduced from 1,600,903.53 Baht to 818,850.80 Baht or 48.85% decrease, and the service level decreased from 97.59% to 89.43%.  In addition, the researcher designed the Android application to make the system more efficient and user-friendly.