The development of tomato ketchup sachets for shelf life extended

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  • นิทัศน์ ทิพยโสตนัยนา
Keywords: Metalized Sachets, Aluminum Sachets, Tomato Ketchup, Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate


Packaging represents a critical step in the food quality preservation, especially for tomato ketchup product. The sauce containers should have the feature to prevent the seepage of moisture and oxygen, which, in turn, will improve the product’s quality and shelf life. Therefore, food industry often prefers aluminum sachets which has longer usability period over metalized sachets to contain the products. However, aluminum sachets are more expensive than metalized sachet. The aim of this study is to develop tomato ketchup sachets made from metalized film in order to extend the sauce’s shelf life to be similar to aluminum sachets with cheaper cost. For this matter, the metalized layer has been enhanced by applying PSM (Specialized Chemical Coated) product and PCM (Chemical Coated) product with the thickness of 12.5 micron to improve the layer’s seepage prevention. After conducting the mechanical property test of layer, testing the product’s shelf life in 8-month period and analyzing the layer’s surface using Scanning electron microscope (SEM), the study found that the shelf life of tomato ketchup in metalized sachets with the layer coated with PSM is longer by 1.8 times ,and the second is PCM respectively.