The Introduction of Internet-aided Teaching into the Chinese Newspaper and Periodical Course

  • He Xiaoxue
Keywords: Newspaper and periodical course, Internet, Professional foreign language teaching, Enlightenment


Chinese newspaper course is a professional skill course for those students whose Chinese level is in the middle and senior. Nowadays, the Internet is an important media and resource treasury in the society. In this paper, the literature analysis method is used to summarize the current situation of the teaching of newspaper and periodical course, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the Internet into the newspaper and periodical course. The advantages is, teaching materials can meet the timeliness of news reports. Reduce the pressure of teachers' marking to a certain extent. The storage of teaching materials and contents help learners to review and make comments easier. To join newsgroups help students communicate with the members of the newsgroup. In addition the disadvantages is, network resources are rich and complex. It is difficult to find teaching materials with high quality in a time. Teachers are required to master certain network technology. morever the lack of good network configuration and hardware facilities has set up obstacles for internet teaching. At the same time, this paper puts forward eight new teaching methods for the course, that is, Visiting the homepage website to search for relevant news reports as auxiliary materials for teaching, using App to subscribe electronic publications, use internet to strengthen communication between teachers and students, using online classroom to implement online teaching, homework and examination, using newsgroups to participate in online communication, practice writing in advance with today's current affairs and compare it with the official copy in the later stage, Read by category, sort out and summarize different types of newspapers and periodicals, and simulating the news platform on the Internet to achieve scenario reproduction.

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