A Content Analysis of Learning English through Online Games: A Case Study of Real English for gamers

  • Saowanee Thapphet
Keywords: Learning English, Game online, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation


The purpose of this study was to examine content analysis of learning English through online games. Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) was used as a valuable tool for ESL learners, when applied to second-language. This study employed a content analysis and deals with a literature review of learning English thourgh video games. Then it discusses the importance of using games in learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. A sample of 30 websites was used for the reviews. The results from the descriptive analyses indicated that playing commercial video games was perceived as useful and helpful for foreign language (English) learning. There are many ways to learn English from online games, including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. General and specialized vocabulary for pronunciation and learning grammar such as present simple tense, past simple, and future tense. Lastly, learning English on how to pronounce with British, American accent and Asian styles.

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