“Educational Refugee”: The new type of Chinese families’ mobility – the case studies in Chiang Mai province

  • Yanqing Ping
Keywords: Mobility, Chinese Families, Education


Over the past ten years, the number of Chinese families has been moving in Chiang Mai increasingly in searching for their children’ education. This article aims to explore the reasons why Chinese families intend to bring their children to Chiang Mai for educational propose. This article is an ethnographic study, collected information by using in-depth interview with 3 Chinese families and using participatory observation in their daily life from July 2018 to June 2019. The research found that the Chinese families have 5 main reasons for educational migration in Chiang Mai. First of all, from perspective of Chinese policies, the reform and opening-up policy and Going out policy that accelerate Chinese migrate from China to foreign countries. Secondly, after Chinese has developed economic rapidly, the economic capability of affording the cost for studying abroad and seeking the good education.  Thirdly, Chinese families undergo the pressure and stressed from highly competitive educational system. The fourth, Chinese educational for selecting first-rate students have enter experienced universities, so it’s hard to students who are not good at testing. Finally, After Chinese has developed heavy industries, that caused air pollution in many areas, therefore so many Chinese families have decided to go abroad escaping pollution.  In summary, Chinese policies influenced the migration of Chinese and the push factors of Chinese families migrated from China to Chiang Mai province.

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