Adoption of Organic Agriculture of Rice Farmers in SamChuk District, SuphanBuri Province

  • ธนภัทร ขาววิเศษ
Keywords: Adoption, Attitude, Organic Farming


The objective of this research was to study the adoption of organic agriculture among rice farmers in Samchuk District, SuphanBuri Province. Sample group used The sample consisted of 372 rice farmer in Samchuk District, SuphanBuri Province, by using questionnaires as a research tool. The statistical data used for data analysis were frequency. Percentage, mean, and deviation independent samples t-test and one way ANOVA and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis using stepwise methods to find adoption values in organic farming of farmers. With significance at the level of 0.05

The analysis results showed that Demographic factors, such as the income from different farming practices, affect the adoption of different organic farming practices. The supplementary factors, such as knowledge about organic agriculture, did not affect the adoption of organic farming. As for different attitudes affecting the adoption of Organic farming with statistical significance at the level of 0.05

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