Perceived Quality on Satisfaction: Case of Mega we care Dietary Supplements

  • รินทร์ลภัส จันทนะทรัพย์
Keywords: Quality Perception, Country of Origin, Service, Product Satisfied, Dietary Supplement


This research aims to study quality perception of the product, The quality perception of the source / country of manufacture. The quality perception of service. Satisfaction supplements Mega we care. The type of research is quantitative research. in the survey data collected by means of questionnaires. to sample the consumer is young and working age. Aged between 15-50 years, who were consumed supplements Mega we care 400 samples. The data were analyzed by statistical software to find the frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and test the hypothesis with multiple regression analysis. At the statistical significance level of 0.05. The study indicated that quality perception of product and service quality have correlated with satisfaction the Mega we care dietary supplement Significant at 0.05. Marketers should focus on ensuring quality perception of product and service quality. The results have been to use in setting strategies for consumers to be satisfied in the Mega we care dietary supplement for to be able to meet the needs of consumers efficiently.

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