Factors Affecting the Decision to Use Service the Solar Rooftop

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Keywords: Factors Organizational, Decision to Use Service, Solar Rooftop


The objective of this research is to determine the factors affecting the decision to use the solar rooftop installation service. In the industrial group the sample group used in this research is the electrical users in the industrial group of 172 companies by using non-probability sampling method and select the sampling method using convenience since the total population is known, the sample size is calculated using the method of calculating the population by using online questionnaires as a tool for data collection and the statistics used in data analysis are percentage, mean, standard deviation and stepwise multiple regression analysis set the statistical significance at the level of 0.05. The factors in choosing the solar rooftop installation service are compatibility and perceived risk can predict the behavior of choosing a solar rooftop installation service in the industrial group and organizational factors, including interpersonal factors and individual factors able to predict the behavior of the decision to choose the solar rooftop installation service In the industrial group

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