Increasing the FBI Lifelnsurance of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Bang Pa-in Branch

  • จิตราทิพย์ ธัญญะเจริญ
Keywords: Life Insurance


The bank is considered a financial institution that has a high role in business operations and affects the business operations. The lives of the people in the country today, the commercial banks are fiercely competing, especially in the saving of life which is a product that can create a lot of FBI for the bank. And also helping clients realize life insurance To create stability for the family.  It is a challenge that each bank must compete to implement strategies to attract customers. Which must understand the needs of customers in order to Able to compete in the market very well, therefore, the researcher has studied the marketing factors that have an effect Per the decision to make life insurance in the category of client's life insurance So that bank operators can use the information from the research Create an effective marketing strategy. And will release the product to meet the needs of customers

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