The Relationship Between Disclosure of Financial Reporting Standards No. 8 Operating Segments and Securities Prices of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in SET100 Group

  • สุชาวดี แสงศรี
  • กุลวดี ลิ่มอุสันโน
Keywords: Segment Disclosure, Stock Price


This research aimed to investigate the level of segment disclosure by the Thailand Financial Reporting Standard No.8 and to test the relationship between the level of segment disclosure and stock price of listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Using 186 firms as the samples, annual reports during 2016 to 2018 were use to quantify the level of segment disclosure. Description analysis and multiple regression were used to analyze the data. As the results, there was an increase of segment disclosure during period being study. The most common segment disclosure was general information following by gain, Asset and liability, product information, and majority customer. Moreover, it was a negative relationship between segment disclosure and stock price.

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