The Use of Group Investigation Technique to Enhance the English Speaking Skills of Grade Six Bhutanese Students

  • Gaki Om
  • Nipaporn Chalermnirundorn


The study was conducted to determine the enhancement of English speaking skills and explore the learning satisfaction level of grade six Bhutanese students through the use of group investigation technique. The study employed a quasi-experimental research approach. The sample group comprised 30 grade six Bhutanese students. Data were collected through speaking proficiency test (a pretest posttest design), focus group discussion and classroom behavioral observation. Lesson plans employing group investigation technique were used to teach the students. The data gathered were analyzed using paired sample t test which revealed a significant difference in the posttest (x̅ = 11.13) compared to the pretest (x̅ = 7.17). The significance value of 0.01 (P<0.05) indicated that the use of group investigation technique significantly improved the speaking skills of the grade six Bhutanese students. The qualitative data drawn from focus group discussion and students' behavioral observation were analyzed using content analysis technique. The findings confirmed the effectiveness of the interventions. The data in this study were limited to speaking skills with speaking test, FGD and observation, therefore, aspiring researchers can consider different skills employing more instruments.