Global Education: Important Focus for 21st Century Curriculum

  • Jamie Wallin


It was Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratchaporn Rattanaphumma, the Editor-in-Chief of the Rangsit Journal of Education Studies, who asked me if I would have time to prepare a Reflection article on the subject of Global Education. As it is a topic of interest to me, I did not hesitate to say yes, even though this is an extremely very busy time of the year. However, now as I re-read this writing, I am wondering that because of my strong interests, these Reflections may be somewhat too long, and perhaps some of the material may touch upon issues which some readers may find unusual or even disturbing. Some readers may think some parts of this article are beyond the purview of academics. 


Global issues are occupying the attention of nations more than ever before. Three contemporary examples come to mind: (1) trade wars that affect all nations, (2) rising sea levels and their impact on the future of coastal cities like Singapore and Bangkok, and (3) lower birth rates in developed countries like Japan and Thailand, rates which have already begun to affect the supply of workers needed for the growing number of large-scale infrastructure projects in many Asian countries. Readers will know of a host of others.