The Impact of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning on Chinese Vocabulary of the Third-Year Thai Students at a Private University

  • AIJIA Guo Rangsit university
  • Supinda Lertlit Rangsit University
Keywords: Mobile-Assisted Language Learning, MALL, Chinese language learning, Chinese Vocabulary, Third-Year Thai Students


The main research objective was to determine the impact of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on the Chinese vocabulary learning of the third-year Thai students of a private university. A quantitative research method was employed to investigate the students using mobile devices to learn Chinese vocabulary. This study was conducted in a private university in Thailand; a simple sampling selection method was utilized to obtain 32 third-year student-volunteers as the samples. In data collection, two sets of instruments were used: 1) a pretest and a posttest to compare the scores; and, 2) five-rating-scale questionnaires to assess the impact on students using MALL in terms of Chinese vocabulary learning. Data were analyzed using a sample t-test for the tests and statistical mean value for the questionnaires. Based on the study’s findings, MALL could enhance the academic performance of third-year students in Thailand. The Post-test mean score was 22.88 higher than the mean score of the Pre-test of 19.38. MALL allowed the students to learn Chinese freely and actively; through collaborative learning, each student could apply vocabulary more frequently with good understanding. In the learning process, students could exercise their self-study abilities. The empirical results of the study further presented an educational emphasis of MALL approach, which rendered a highly significant development for modern learning environment. This research can further enable scholars to recognize the concept of MALL and use it to benefit learners, and enable scholars to understand the effects and possibilities of MALL in language learning. Therefore, it is recommended that students and teachers alike should be encouraged to apply technology so they can experience its help on their learning and teaching purposes.