A Case Study: Exploring the Use of the Line Application for Learning English at a Thai Public University

  • Alan Robert White Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
Keywords: Line application, English language, Learning, Education


In Thailand, English skills are needed for conducting business. Unfortunately, Thai students often have low levels of English proficiency. The use of social media in education is an area of increasing interest for both educators and researchers. Research has shown social media applications have many benefits when used for teaching and learning. The Line application was launched in 2011 and has attracted many users in Thailand. Such an application could be used to practice and improve Thai students’ English skills. The following study examined students' perceptions of learning and satisfaction levels whilst using the Line application in a web-enhanced course. The participants of the study were 30 textile engineering students studying an English language course at a Thai university. Conversational English and basic structures were practiced through the Line application. Course resources were also shared through the medium. Data was collected through a 5 point Likert scale questionnaire to determine students’ perceptions of learning, satisfaction levels and their thoughts on the ease of use and media quality in relation to using the Line application for learning English. Overall, the study found that students were satisfied with using the Line application and believed it assisted their learning. The findings from this study suggest the Line application has potential as a tool for practicing and learning English. The Line application is free and widely used and the method outlined in this study is relatively simple to reproduce and could be adapted and adopted by English instructors throughout Thailand.