Basic Information and Communication Technology Competency Development for Teachers and Schools in Preparation for ASEAN Commencement

  • Supinda Lertlit Rangsit University
Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, ICT competency, school educators, school administrators, teachers’ professional development


The purposes of this research were to identify basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competency areas that school educators require in order to develop their teachers, and to explore basic ICT competency that schools need in their preparation for ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) commencement in 2015. A mixed method of quantitative and qualitative research was used in this study. Surveys and focus group interviews were conducted. The first group using a simple sampling method, 143 school educators completed the questionnaires. The second focus group selected by using purposive sampling method, ten school administrators in the central, northern, and southern provinces of Thailand were interviewed. The data collected from the survey-questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were analyzed and interpreted by using rating scales and content analyses. The descriptive analysis described mean, standard deviation, and simple frequency distribution values. The findings from school educators reveal four ICT competency areas for teachers at high to highest level of requirement, and the ICT competency that the focus group in four areas are related to the first group. The findings on basic ICT competency in preparation for ASEAN commencement in 2015, the focus group informatively express positive opinions and useful suggestions in five main points. The results of this study suggested further studies to explore in broader dimensions of ICT competency standards for teachers. The research outcomes have implications for schools that wish to embark on human resource development planning.