Using the 4MAT Model to Promote Learning Achievement and Connection Skills on Chemical Reaction of the 10th Grade Students

  • Ramida Chittiwattanakorn Rangsit University
  • Boonyaras Sookkheo Rangsit University
Keywords: 4MAT model lesson plan, connection skills, chemical reaction


This research is a part of the thesis on a topic of Using The 4MAT Teaching and Learning for Chemical Reaction to Promote Teaching Achievement and Connection Skills of 10th Grade Students. The purposes of this research were to (1) study the 4MAT lesson planning on Chemical Reaction for secondary education students at a school in Pathumthani province and (2) compare students’ learning achievement and connection skills of 10th Grade Students before and after studying the topic. The subjects were 41 students obtained by Cluster Random Sampling. Instruments used in the research were (1) The 4MAT model lesson plan on the topic of Chemical Reaction (2) Learning and Teaching Behavior Observation Form (3) The Students’ Achievement Test and the Connection Skill Test on the Chemical Reaction topic. Statistical analyses focused on arithmetic means, standard deviation and T-test. The results were (1) Most of the students
who participated in the activity and could achieve 80% of correct content of the work pieces after going through the 4MAT Model and (2) The students’ achievement and the connection ability of the subject were higher after the treatment with a statistical significance (p = .05).