The Development of Task-based Speaking and Communication Strategies Instructional Model to Enhance Speaking Competence of 1st Year EIC Students

  • Teerawat Arjpru Silpakorn University
  • Wisa Chattiwat Silpakorn University
Keywords: Task-based Speaking Instructional Model, Communication Strategies (CS.), Speaking Competence


The research objectives were 1) to develop task-based speaking and communication strategies instructional model to enhance speaking competence (PMIRE Model) 2) to investigate the effectiveness of the PMIRE Model 3) to compare students’ speaking competence after using the PMIRE Model 4) to investigate the relationship among students’ speaking with various competence and the frequency use of communication strategies (CS.) 5) to explore students’ satisfaction toward the PMIRE Model. The sample comprised 33 first-year EIC students at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Nakhon Ratchasima. Research  instruments consisted of task-based speaking and CS. instructional model, a handbook for the model, lesson plans, exercises, a speaking test, CS. used checklist and questionnaire. The data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, t-test dependent, Pearson Correlation and content analysis. The results were as follows: 1). task-based speaking and CS. instructional model to enhance speaking competence called “PMIRE Model” consisted of principle, objective, condition, and
learning processes. The Model included (1) Priming and Preparation: P, (2) Modeling: M, (3) Implementing: I, (4) Reflecting: R, and (5) Evaluating: E. 2). The effectiveness of the PMIRE Model met the criterion of 80.84/84.35 that was higher than the required criterion of 80/80. 3). The students’ speaking competence was significantly higher than before the instruction at .05 level. 4). The relationship between speaking competence and the frequency used of CS. was found negative correlated. 5). The students’ satisfaction toward the task-based speaking and CS. instructional model, PMIRE Model were at the high level.