Exploring Chinese Teachers’ Reflections on Inter-School Cooperation Chinese Education Project

A Case in London

  • Li Wang
  • Ubon Sanpatchayapong
Keywords: Reflection, Chinese teachers, Professional development, Inter-School Cooperation Chinese Education Project


This study explores Chinese teachers' reflections on their participation in the Inter-School Cooperation Chinese Education Project (ISCCEP). It aims to find Chinese teachers' points of view on teaching Chinese in London primary schools and identify the ways in which the ISCCEP project enhanced their professional development. Three semi-structured interviews were used to gain qualitative data from five Chinese teachers. A convenience sample of five participants was selected and three semi-structured interviews were conducted with each participant to collect qualitative data. These data were analyzed using a grounded theory. The results show the participants perceived both positive and negative aspects of the issues related to Chinese teaching there. As part of the reflection, the participants reflected on the training-oriented topics and reviewed teachers' responsibilities and problems teachers encountered. The solution to each problem was also discussed. As regards the enhancement of their professional development, the ISCCEP has provided teachers with great professional development opportunities, such as a diverse work environment, inter-school communication, and a research project. In addition, this study contributes to the theoretical development of Chinese international education and has a positive impact on cultural and educational cooperation between the UK and China.