Presenting the Image of Public Figures with Violating the Maxim of Relevance in Answering the Questions in Case of Conflict

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ฐิติภา คูประเสริฐ
สมชาย สําเนียงงาม


The article is aimed to study the image of public figures presented through the violation of the maxim of relevance when they answered questions regarding conflicts through online media. A total of 69 video clips of public figures who answered questions concerning their conflicts between 2012 and 2014 were collected. The results revealed that the public figures, when answering such questions, violated the maxim of relevance by inserting some information aimed to make the reporters or people in society receive the image as intended. This study discovered 10 images: a person who adheres to righteousness, a person who compromise, a person who honours others, a person who is rational, a person who has public mind, a person is responsible, a person who is self-reliant, a person who is opened-minded, a person who is appreciative of others’ support, and a person who dishonours the others. However, most of the presented images were in accordance with Thai social values that might induce the public figures to gain support from the society and to continue their work smoothly even in conflicts.

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