The Buddhist Philosophy Study for Sustainable Development The concept of Buddhist Philosophy, Sustainable development.

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ชัชฎาภรณ์ อยู่เย็นเป็นสุข


 This  study of the concept of Buddhist Philosophy and Sustainable Development Along with comparing the concepts, principles, goals, and methods by studying from the primary and secondary documents.  Study and research have been compiled from the National Library of Books. By using books consistent with Buddhism and the sustainable development of  Somdet Phra Buddhaghosacariya (P. A. Payutto)  And electronic books  of  phramahasuporn.ruksadhamma.  and many books related to sustainable development Including the online Tipitaka that is used to read the dharma Including related theses  and Tripitaka for new monks and Buddhists of  Sang  channgam and Uthai Bunyen  By focusing on the study of concepts, principles, goals, and methods Of Buddhist philosophy and sustainable development in support of the Noble Eightfold Paths in Buddhist teachings.

 The results of the study show that the concepts, principles, and goals come from internal development, consisting of behavior, mind and intellect.   Is an important foundation of the Noble Eightfold Principles  Which is in line with the concepts, principles and goals of sustainable development The difference is the way to solve problem The development of The concept of Buddhist Philosophy emphasizes education by focusing on human training practices based on the threefold system. While sustainable development emphasizes solutions by using education Science and technology for the development of quality of life.

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